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 Shanghai JunYu Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of specialty printed materials and adhesive tape manufacturing R & D-oriented enterprises. Company in good faith and pragmatic spirit, the continued progress and development, has introduced three production lines. Production equipment, using two sets of coating machine, rewinding machine three, five self-adhesive label die-cutting machine, screen printing machine, one Taiwan, sub-cut slitter five, and is equipped with a comprehensive set of test instruments established a strict quality management system.
   The company all staff's efforts, in cooperation with several research institutes, has developed a high temperature PET tape, polyimide tape, high temperature polyimide labels, PET (single) double-sided adhesive tape and other products. Quality of products in the domestic industry a leader, won the unanimous praise of consumers, some of the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the United States, Germany, France and other foreign markets.
   Treasure return, in good faith, practical, well-a principle of service-oriented and service customers. Shanghai Jun Yu packing material ready to work with colleagues in all walks of life to share scientific and technological achievements together towards a better tomorrow.


Masking Tape
Paper Masking tape
Red Masking Tape
Polyimide Masking Tape
Polyester Masking Tape
Double Side Tape
PET Double Side Tape
Polyimide Double Sided Tape
PE Foam Tape


PCB Tapes
Polyimide Label
Polyimide Tape
Masking Tape
solder wave tape
Polyimide Label
ESD Polyimide Label
VOID Label
PET label
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